Join Us for 2020 Kids First National Conference – Oct. 26-27 at Towson University

There is no better time to invest in building really extraordinary brains than in the first few years of life. Neuroscience is overflowing with fresh insights and valuable information on nurturing and educating young brains. From birth to age 5, the brain has very specific emotional, physical, nutritional and intellectual needs. When these needs are adequately met, brains flourish. When these needs are not met, highly predictable consequences result that require targeted interventions for correction.

There is a great deal of myth and countless opinions on what infants and toddlers need for optimal development. This research-based topic exposes many myths and offers scientifically-backed support for practices that lead to robust, resilient young brains. Learn how to build the foundation for a healthy, happy brain. Discover how to help brains struggling to achieve a positive developmental start. Know how to identify a quality early education program. Apply the 5 key skills for emotional and cognitive health. Build your expertise on the infant and toddler brain and make a deeper difference in your children’s lives!

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will get the basic biology of the brain development and be able to identify the key areas of development.
  2. Participants will learn The Five Essential Steps of Building a Great Brain including how to enhance sensory development., ensure cognitive stimulation and strengthen emotional support.
  3. Participants will be introduced to the Pre-school and School-age processes that empower cognitive development including:
  • Social-Emotional Wiring
  • Play
  • Memory Development
  • Why Language Exposure is Critical
  • How Intelligence is Developed.

4. Participants will learn the 7 Great Practices of How To Raise A Smarter Child.