Join Us for 2020 Kids First National Conference – Oct. 26-27 at Towson University

The purpose of this workshop is to share with attendees practical, research-supported techniques for keeping in top mental condition — even under the stresses and challenges of career, family and personal life. Drawn from the latest neuroscience, this session will show attendees how to keep their minds in the best possible shape emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Participants will learn how to develop a high level of mental fitness and extraordinary psychological health. In addition, participants will be shown how to accelerate their learning, deepen their relationships and effectively resolve stress.

Learning Objectives/Synopsis

The workshop is structured in to 3 parts. Each part corresponds with one of the workshop objectives/takeaways.

1. Attendees will be able to identify the foundational principles underlying great mental fitness.

Life is stressful. Life working in a child-serving organization is often inordinately stressful. It is more important than ever to take aggressive steps to overcome this stress and move beyond it to the highest levels of mental fitness. We need to transform our work experiences so that they produce energy not deplete it. That transformation begins within each individual. This presentation will share the three foundational principles of great mental fitness and provide specific exercises and techniques participants can begin to use immediately to strengthen their mental health, optimize their brain function and begin the journey toward optimal development of their personal potential.

2. Attendees will be able to use the seven basic skills of high productivity and extraordinary psychological health.

Our understanding of the human brain is deeper than it has ever been. We recognize its strengths and vulnerabilities better than ever before. Consequently, we are able to leverage that knowledge to identify habits of thinking and behavior that enhance what our brains do well and protect our brains from things that harm it. In this section, we’ll share skills that, once developed, result in big gains in productivity and produce truly extraordinary psychological health. Attendees will be able to begin these practices immediately to improve time management, efficiently resolve problems, navigate change, grow self-confidence and boost creativity.

3. Attendees will learn the newest techniques for accelerated learning, relationship enhancement and stress/trauma resolution.

In the third segment, attendees are introduced to practices that accelerate their ability to learn, enhance their relationship skills and resolve stress and/or trauma. This “Triumvirate of Terror” for children’s services professionals—interrupted or incomplete learning curves, relationship deterioration and the crush of traumatic stress—has often been an obstacle to growth, health and fulfillment in the field. The techniques introduced here show leaders how to enhance memory and learn faster, how to manage relationships and build trust and confidence and how to effectively resolve stress and even traumatic stress so that optimal mental and psychological health is achieved.

As a whole, these three segments provide attendees with an “Owner’s Manual for the Management of Their Mind” designed to empower them to break through the barriers of stress, depression and negativity to demonstrate their highest mental ability in the most challenging circumstances.