Join Us for 2020 Kids First National Conference – Oct. 26-27 at Towson University

You’ll learn the anatomy of the brain and the structures that most heavily influence human learning. You’ll recognize teaching methods that support this learning process and be equipped to identify teaching techniques that block the brain’s natural ability to learn. This topic provides more than 50 low-cost and no-cost strategies to enhance learning, increase problem-solving ability, boost motivation and expand information retention. Not only will you be empowered to help kids learn better, you’ll accelerate your own learning ability!


 Learning Objectives

  1. To introduce participants to the rapidly emerging research on how the developing brain is built and how it works. Participants will identify how the young brain is significantly different than the adult brain and the predictable developmental challenges resulting from these differences.
  2. Introduce brain-inspired strategies that will help teachers enhance the learning and motivation of students in the classroom.
  3. To expose participants to the growing body of resources on brain-compatible teaching, counseling, guidance, mentoring and parenting techniques including books, newsletters, websites, conferences and workshops. Participants will be able to locate brain-based resources in their community and via the web.