Transformation Education believes that the physical environment radiates powerful messages about the beliefs and values in a child-serving organization's culture. Thus, the physical environment is a key – but often ignored – element of experiential learning that sets the tone for relationships, learning, and discovery. The physical environment either stimulates or suppresses the senses. It also creates expectations for student behavior and communicates the motivation and attitude of the staff towards the student’s discovery of learning.

The Transformation Education Institute (formerly UDO) seeks to share then inspire the use of experiential learning environments that support diverse teaching and learning styles and foster a sense of community among students. Our dynamic transformational environments serve as a strategy to increase student involvement both physically and emotionally. We provide designs that transform classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, hallways, gymnasiums, conference rooms, and all other educational and support spaces into three dimensional, multi-sensory environments that focus on interactive learning.

Our professional artists and designers provide colorful and creative interiors for educational settings,
which nurture the natural curiosity in children of all ages, and encourage them to explore and interact with their surroundings. We provide friendly and welcoming entryways, special comforting spaces, and age appropriate classrooms that reinforce a positive attitude. For over fifteen years, our artistic team has successfully completed projects that change mundane settings into unique and imaginative spaces that offer children and youth an opportunity to develop a love of learning, and to help them build self-esteem within an atmosphere that fosters positive educational experiences.

Students working in these environments are motivated toward responsibility and self-discipline, and are empowered to make a commitment to their learning community. We also offer workshops where students work in collaboration with our artists to create unique, one-of-kind designs that allow self expression and promote school pride and ownership.


  • MONARCH ACADEMY | Glen Burnie, MD