In Transformation Education, the focus of management efforts is on transforming the disparate individual beliefs and values of each staff member into alignment with the beliefs and values of the organization.

Leadership Development Consultation

Many organizations discover that the more they learn about Transformation Education, the more interested they become in transforming their own organizational cultures. In addition to developing leaders, the TranZed Institute provides consultation to organizations committed to transforming their cultures and improving the lives of the children they serve. Whether your organization wants to implement a specific tool like the culture card or a comprehensive integration of Transformation Education, we have the consultation expertise to teach you how to execute Transformation Education and provide the support you need to be successful.

Transformation Education promotes the creation of an organizational culture that transforms the thinking and behavior of child-serving professionals. Clear, passionate, strategic and visionary leadership is required to transform a culture. Our leadership development consultation provides organizational leaders with the essential culture-change tools: gap analysis, culture identification, culture card, organizational architecture, leadership roles, and culture metrics. These tools are shared through individual and group learning experiences, personal coaching and technology-supported problem solving.

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