Laura Webb, MA, ACE

Certified Presenter

Laura Webb currently is Recovery Support Director at Walden Sierra in Southern Maryland.

She has a Master’s Degree in Adult and Community Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language from University of North Carolina- Wilmington. An Army veteran, Laura is also a poet and owner/creator of the Living Poetry Lab project. She is an experienced presenter and trainer on the topics of mental health and addiction awareness, education and recovery, focusing on non-clinical audiences. Enjoying family relationships, including those with her dogs and closest friends, travel and admiring the night sky are some of her favorite ways to spend time.

WORKSHOPS presented by LAURA include:

  • Beyond Poverty: Brain-Inspired Ways to Understand and Respond to Poverty
  • Brain Matters: The Essential Guide To Brain-Based Learning
  • Change Your Language, Change Their Lives: What Adults Can Say Differently Today to Transform the Tomorrows of Our Youth
  • The New IQ?: Understanding and Teaching Executive Functions Skills In and Out of the Classroom