Deb Ingersoll

Certified Presenter

Deb Ingersoll brings with her over 25 years of experience as an educator and has a special fondness for adolescents – “Their brains are so INTERESTING!” Upbeat, fun and engaging, Deb generates excitement whenever she presents and always leaves her audience wanting more.

Deb is a certified trainer for the TranZed Institute. Deb has worked in a variety of schools from large inner city schools, to small rural schools. She has worked with Native America populations and on military bases. Deb is currently working with lower elementary students with cognitive delays and identified behavioral disorders in a self-contained multi-grade classroom. The program goals include teaching young children the self-regulation skills necessary to fully integrate into the general education classroom. Deb has worked in both elementary and secondary programs, in special education, regular education, and administration. She has also worked as an education consultant in special education, elementary education, and middle school programming. Deb brings some unique perspectives to the role of nutrition on brain development and functioning. She was a certified organic farmer for six years. She served on the organic advisor board in the state of New Mexico for two years, and was awarded the Outstanding Organic Educator Award at the New Mexico State Organic Conference in 2015 for her work in establishing the first organic certified school garden program in the state. Deb is also the mother of four ranging in age from 10-33. Her youngest two were adopted from a foster care program and have taught her more about brains and behavior then all her training and experience combined. Deb is a strong advocate for foster and adoption.

WORKSHOPS presented by DEB include:

  • Becoming a Mental Health Sleuth: The “Sherlock Holmes Skills” Every School Needs
  • Beyond Poverty: Brain-Inspired Responses to Poverty
  • Brain Matters: The Essential Guide To Brain-Based Learning
  • Feeding Your Brain: Effective Nutrition for Growing Brains
  • Giving a Fish a Bath: The Untold Story of the Adolescent Mind
  • Right From the Start: Building Great Brains From Birth to Age Five to Age Five