Amy Fortney Parks, PhD

Certified Presenter

Dr. Amy Fortney Parks describes herself as a life-long educator, a passionate psychologist and often stressed-out, but mostly happy, mom of four! She is the Executive Director of WISE Mind Solutions, LLC, a Northern Virginia-based group psychotherapy practice focused on children, teens and families. She is also the owner of The Wise Family – a comprehensive brand for kids and parents designed to inspire, educate and energize families!

Dr. Amy Fortney Parks brings with her over 25 years of experience working with children, adolescents and families as both an educator and psychologist. She is a passionate “BRAIN – trainer” and strives to help everyone she works with understand how their own unique brain works!

Dr. Amy holds a Doctorate in Educational Psychology, and specializes in individual counseling for kids, tweens and teens, parent coaching, and educational consulting. She also provides consulting services to families, parent groups, local independent schools and public systems. Dr. Amy has served as a speaker for conference groups including the Virginia Counseling Association, the Virginia Psychological Association, MARFY, She Rocks the World, The Center for Adoption Services and Education, and many, many more. More information and how to chat directly with her about your family are on her website or connect SOCIALLY @wisefamilies!

Amy has over 20 years of experience through her work in Northern Virginia schools, adoption agencies throughout the US and private practice with countless families. Her most valuable experience, however, is the day-to-day parenting of her own four children, three dogs and husband.

WORKSHOPS presented by AMY include:

  • Becoming a Mental Health Sleuth: The “Sherlock Holmes Skills” Every School Needs
  • Beyond Poverty: Brain-Inspired Ways to Understand and Respond to Poverty
  • Brain Matters: The Essential Guide To Brain-Based Learning
  • Change Your Language, Change Their Lives: What Adults Can Say Differently Today to Transform the Tomorrows of Our Youth
  • Conquering Boredom, Apathy and Indifference in the Classroom: Strategies to Engage, Excite and Motivate Your Students
  • Giving a Fish a Bath: The Untold Story of the Adolescent Mind