Alison Imhoff, MSW, LCSW-C

Certified Presenter

Alison is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who holds a Master’s Degree of Social Work from the University of Maryland-Baltimore with dual concentrations in Management & Community Organizing and Clinical Therapy with Families and Children. She attained her Bachelors of Social Work from Salisbury University. Alison has more than a decade of broad social work experience including experience in work in youth residential care, addiction services, treatment foster care, special education, and behavioral health. Alison currently serves as Director of a domestic violence safe house in Harford County, Maryland.

Inspired by her family journey with her sister, Alison has become a recognized advocate for people with significant developmental delays, as well as a resource for those people who have dedicated their lives to providing care for them. Alison recognized at an early age that her power was in advocating for those who were unable to advocate for themselves. The proud mother of 2 little girls, Alison is a self-proclaimed millennial interpreter and the go-to cattle herder on her family’s farm.

WORKSHOPS presented by ALISON include:

  • Beyond Poverty: Brain-Inspired Ways to Understand and Respond to Poverty
  • Brain Matters: The Essential Guide to Brain-Based Learning
  • Change Your Language, Change Their Lives: What Adults Can Say Differently Today to Transform the Tomorrows of Our Youth
  • Giving a Fish a Bath: The Untold Story of the Adolescent Mind