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The Transformation Education Institute offers immersive, stimulating workshop experiences on the most relevant issues facing today’s teachers, parents and child-serving professionals.

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Introducing Our New Names!

The Upside Down Organization will now be known as Transformation Education Institute, and Naren Tranzed will now be known as Kids First National Conference.

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Transforming How America Cares For and Educates Its Children

Transformation Education Institute is part of The Children’s Guild Alliance, an organization dedicated to transforming the way America cares for and educates its children. The Alliance employs an innovative operational and cultural philosophy called Transformation Education (TranZed). TranZed was developed to respond to the need for a reevaluation of the way America currently cares for and educates its children.

Transformation Education Institute is the training arm of the The Children’s Guild Alliance and works to bring about social, emotional and academic growth in all children by transforming the way adults who engage with them, think, feel and behave. Simply put, the Transformation Education Institute’s mission is to “help adults help kids!”